Meaningful Stories about Gay Men,

Tim Gunn on his journey from Suicidal Gay Adolescent

To the Successful Gay Man that he is Today:

Tim Gunn, Successful and Happy Gay Man talking about how psychotherapy and counseling helped

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“I didn’t come out of this alone. Life is a big collaboration, and when you’re tackling something that’s painful and troubling and is causing you such desperate grief that you think life’s not worth living, you need to reach out — reach out before then, actually. Reach out to people whom you trust, people who will reach back and offer you some solace and some guidance. Because it doesn’t happen alone. And if I had been just left on my own, well, I wouldn’t be here.”

You can here his entire interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

An Honorable Last Wish For A Dying Marine

Coming Out: Gay Marine Gets Honorable Discharge

Hal Faulkner (left), 79, receives his new papers from two Marines after having his military status changed to “honorable discharge” at a recent ceremony. Faulkner was kicked out of the Marine Corps in 1956 for being gay.
Courtesy of Phil Latzman

Faulkner joined the Marines in 1953, and served in the Philippines. In 1956, he got kicked out with an “undesirable discharge” for being gay. His military papers said “homosexual” on them, quite an obstacle in the 1950s.

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Coming Out to Dad as a gay teenager

Incredibly amazing dad leaves a note telling gay son: ‘I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born.’

Dad overhears his gay teen son tell a friend about wanting to come out to dad:

Read the entire story <here>

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