Men Who Love Men, A Psychotherapy group for Gay Men

Gay Men: A Psychotherapy group for Gay MarriageDid I love well? It’s been said that this is the question we ask ourselves, as we, at the end of our life review our life-experience.  Did I love myself? Did I love others? Was the quality of my relationships everything I wanted them to be?  Did I feel loved by others?

In order to love another successfully we first have to love ourselves, just as we are; in other words  “warts and all.”  Deep understanding is the very foundation of loving well, and looking deeply at yourself is the basic practice that gets us to that place of loving well.

Men Who Love Men is a group for gay men wanting to improve the quality and the intimacy of their relationships. The group is designed to help each member to be able to answer the question “Did I love well?” with a resounding YES!

This is a therapist-led group that meets in downtown Denver. This group is not intended to be a dating/social group It is an ongoing mindfulness, psychotherapy and support group designed to help you to live and love well.

Groups run for 12 weeks and start when there are enough men signed up to start a new group. Please contact me through the Contact link at the top of this page to reserve your spot in the group or to get more information from me.