Gay Dating Tips for Happy, Successful Partnership

gay date, gay dating, gay couple, gay relationship, gay marriageFor a Happy Successful, Satisfying and Loving Relationship, follow these Gay Dating Tips.

Actually these gay dating rules are good for any kind of relationship. I came up with this list of gay relationship tips while working with gay male couples. I’ve since shared them with all types of couples.

In the USA we grow up with Hollywood love stories and the messages on Hallmark Valentine’s day cards. All of these messages, in one way or another tell us that all we have to do to be happy is to fall in love. Then we’ll live happily ever after. If we grew up here, we are pretty deeply conditioned by these messages.

However, we all find out, usually in a rather rude fashion, that it isn’t this easy. So here are Larry’s gay dating tips for a happier, healthier relationship:

Don’t expect your partner to know how you are feeling. Use your words.

  • Small children need adults to attune to how they are feelings and explain it to them in words they can understand.
  • It is not fair to expect your partner to do this for you. Adults have the language capacity to communicate their feelings and the mature adult takes the responsibility to state how they are feeling to their partner.

Stop taking your partners unskillful and impulsively spoken words personally.

  • It’s not about you!!
  • Somebody is having a bad day

Breath before speaking.

When the going gets rough take the high road.

Remember to start each sentence with: “what I hear you say is . . .”

Take a chance. Be risky. Expose your soft underbelly to your partner and see if, as you fear, you get attacked.

  • This is the moment for intimacy. If you can be vulnerable and your partner can meet you there, magical and special things can happen.
  • Inversely, if you partner gets vulnerable with you, don’t attack him. Meet him in that intimate place. Intimacy occurs when you both drop your defenses and dare to be your most precious and authentic self in the presence of your partner.

Be patient.


Do you have gay dating experiences you’d like to share? If so, share your experience below. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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