Counseling, Coaching and You

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Larry Cappel, Therapist, Louisville, CO

“It is my belief that a patient needs to select a therapist with whom he or she can partner in the process of change.” Dr. Shane Owens, a board-certified psychologist

The number one factor for success in psychotherapy or coaching work is the relationship between the therapist or coach and the client. Therefore it is important for you to find someone who is the right fit for you.

In order to help you find out if I am the right counselor for you I take time to talk to you on the phone before we make an first appointment. If you go ahead and make that first appointment, you will only pay 1/2 of the normal rate for that first appointment. (this does not apply to people wishing to use healthcare insurance. Your rates are dictated by your insurance company.)

I was interviewed on CNTV Denver about my work as a psychotherapist, counselor and coach. Here is the entire interview:

Here is my professional biography. Hopefully you can see that my training, experience and education helps me help you.

Larry Cappel is a Colorado and California licensed psychotherapist, as well as a life coach and spiritual teacher in the Buddhist tradition. He is a certified community dharma leader and and is currently finishing a Master’s of Divinity degree. He did his psychology training in San Francisco, working with the GLBT community throughout his time there. His work empowers people to heal past hurts and to embrace life as an exciting and creative experience; fully empowered as a loving and effective human being.

Larry’s extensive work in the field of psychology, includes transpersonal psychology, somatic (body-centered) psychology, EMDR, Brainspotting, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Solution focused therapy, brief therapy models, the study of Buddhist philosophy, and the cultural differences between western and eastern societies. This experience gives Larry the ability to help you cut through to core issues and then make transformative changes to your life quickly. His skills as a psychotherapist, teacher and coach helps people access their own inner creativity and fully realize their potential.

Larry’s own life journey includes a difficult childhood, onto a successful career in Corporate America and then into the field of helping others overcome their limitations and excel in life. His life-changing experiences in his own psychotherapy combined with his spiritual education led him to become a psychotherapist, coach and teacher, specializing in building healthier relationships with oneself and the world.

He has been helping people for over 15 years.