Gay Marriage — 27 Good Reasons To Support It

Imagine how difficult any marriage would be without these legal rights! Marriage is on the rocks in the USA but Gay Marriage is still a top priority for the LGBT Community. Heterosexuals take marriage for granted. They know that it is there for them whenever they decide to get married. Most people in the USA […]

Gay Marriage — Come Out, Come Out, Wherever you Are!

Gay Marriage — Helping More People Come Out of the Closet The Supreme Court to Decide on Gay Marriage and Rob Portman Comes Out! Olly olly, oxen free! In the children’s game Hide and Seek, the players stay hidden until found or called to come out of their hiding spots. As adults, if we stay […]

Coming Out of the Closet, Senator Rob Portman Now in Support of Gay Marriage

Coming Out, Senator Rob Portman makes his Gay Son Proud and Embraces Gay Pride Republican Senator Rob Portman formerly a defender of DOMA, the defense of marriage act, has had a change of heart. He’s coming out himself since his son came out to him as a gay man 2 years ago. Now the Senator […]

Attention Deficit Disorder — 5 Ways To Succeed And Win

Attention Deficit Disorder is not a disorder that only affects straight people. I have several gay clients who also struggle with the symptoms of ADHD. I think it’s important that gay men also consider whether they suffer from this increasingly common ailment. As a group we already struggle to find meaningful healthy relationships and attention […]

Gay Relationship Advice — Emotional Intimacy Is The Key

Is Intimacy in Gay Relationships Possible? There is a lot of confusion about what intimacy is, especially intimacy in gay relationships. Gay relationship is a challenge in a heterosexual dominated world. Men in particular tend to confuse sex with intimacy. So, if I’m having sex with you then I’m being intimate with you. However, as […]

Why Gay Men Hate Their Body Image Too

Bad body image is not a plight reserved for heterosexual women. (This article was republished in the Huffington Post) “I am so sick of my body. I lift weights every day; I eat protein shakes and do everything my trainer says … and I’m still too skinny!” I pause wondering how to respond. His body […]

Don’t Make New Years Resolutions!

7 Ways To Make Real Change In The New Year Happy New Year! Have you made your New Years Resolutions yet? Most of us at least consider doing so. Here are 7 steps you can take to make real and meaningful change in the new year: Don’t make grandiose New Years resolutions. There is nothing like failure […]

Work! Are You Thinking About New Years Resolutions This Weekend?

Happy 2013! Are You Excited To Go Back To Work Or Wish To Stay Home?      Consider These 7 Questions. Now that the holidays are over we are all getting back to work again. I’m wondering, how you feel about going back to the daily grind? Of course, for some of us going to […]

Gay Marriage: 4 Good Things. We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Gay Marriage: Evolving From The Right To Exist To the Right To Gay Marriage. More then fourteen years ago states like Colorado passed Constitutional amendments banning LGBT people’s civil rights. Those discriminatory amendments were eventually overturned by the US Supreme Court. Today gay marriage is now legal in nine states, Washington State the newest. On […]