Mirror, Mirror: Snow White Teaches On Relationship Partners

Snow White can Teach Gay Men about Relationship Partners! 7 Things To Consider About Potential Relationship Partners Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? “Pick me, pick me pick me!” Don’t all of us wish it could be us? Mirror Mirror, the new movie starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen […]

I Was A Gay Boy Scout

Scouting teaches important life skills, bigotry and pedophilia should not be among them I was a gay Boy Scout. I didn’t know it at the time but I definitely was what the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) fears most. I was a good fire maker, a good camp cook, good hiker and good at earning […]

How Straight People Wrecked the Institution of Marriage

The Institution of Marriage Was In Trouble Long Before Gay Marriage Arrived Opponents of same sex marriage often say they are trying to protect the institution of marriage when they oppose same sex marriage. I say they are a little late. If they really wanted to “save the institution of marriage” they needed to start […]

Gay men, what stops you from living a rewarding life?

Hi, Larry Cappel here. I was recently interviewed by a psychotherapist, a gay man, in Sydney, Australia who has a gay counseling practice there. His name is Clinton Power. He asked me some great questions about the issues that prevent gay men from leading rewarding lives. We had a really nice discussion, You can find […]

Want A More Intimate Gay Relationship? Try Some BDSM

Intimate and Vulnerable: Using BDSM to Deepen the Connection in Relationship I just wrote a fun article that was posted on YourTango.com about using BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Submission, and Masochism, in order to move closer and be more intimate with your partner. Now, we know in the gay community that BDSM has been a relatively […]

Gay Relationship: How to Get the Intimate Love You Want

We all long for intimate relationship with another. Gay Relationships are extra challenging. Even if we don’t quite know what we’re longing for we know something’s missing you we don’t have it. Healthy intimacy is hard for everybody and gay relationship is even more challenging. For gay men to attain this intimate emotional connection with […]

After an Affair, Give Couples Therapy A Try

It’s hard to admit, but both partners are at fault in an affair. (This article was picked up and published on Huffington Post on October 7th, 2013 “Why should I go to couples therapy? You’re the one who had the affair; you should go to $%&@ therapy!” Do you see yourself saying something like that […]

Gay Marriage – Joy Tinged With Disappointment Yet Hopeful

Don’t despair if you are living in a state that has outlawed gay marriage. NPR was playing on the radio while I ate my bowl of cereal. The news announcer said that the Supreme Court of The United States had overturned DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). I danced a jig around my living room while […]

Anxiety & Stress Increase In States That Ban Gay Marriage

Stress decreases in states that pass same sex marriage laws. Should that be surprising? Gay marriage improves everybody’s life, straight, gay or otherwise. A study published in American Journal of Public Health by Columbia University shows that LGBT people, in states that passed defense of marriage laws banning gay marriage, saw increased mental health problems. […]

Gay Marriage — 27 Good Reasons To Support It

Imagine how difficult any marriage would be without these legal rights! Marriage is on the rocks in the USA but Gay Marriage is still a top priority for the LGBT Community. Heterosexuals take marriage for granted. They know that it is there for them whenever they decide to get married. Most people in the USA […]