Gay Marriage — 27 Good Reasons To Support It

Imagine how difficult any marriage would be without these legal rights!

gay marriage, gay counseling, gay counselor, gay relationship, same sex marriageMarriage is on the rocks in the USA but Gay Marriage is still a top priority for the LGBT Community.

Heterosexuals take marriage for granted. They know that it is there for them whenever they decide to get married. Most people in the USA know that with marriage comes some tax advantages and the legal right to make medical decisions for your spouse in case he or she cannot make them for themselves. 

But that is just two of many legal, social, economic and emotional rights that comes with the institution of marriage. When asked me to write an article about gay marriage I came up with 27 benefits marriage gives couples. Is it any wonder that same sex couples also want the benefits of gay marriage?

Here’s the article:

The repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has huge legal, financial, civil, emotional and health-related consequences for same-sex couples. I suspect most opposite-sex couples don’t realize the financial emotional and social value of these benefits. If the Supreme Court throws out DOMA, same-sex couples will have these same rights that opposite-sex couples have always taken for granted. As you read this list ask yourself: “What would my family‘s life be like if I didn’t have these benefits that marriage in America grants to me?”

1. $500,000! NPR just ran this story of a lesbian military family. They remarked on how hard it’s been for them to stay a couple and raise their kids without the federal recognition granted to opposite-sex married military couples. The couple estimated that $500,000 was what they spent out of pocket to make up for the lack of support from the military.

Read the other 26 good reasons here or past this link:

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Do you have any experience with trying to explain to straight people why gay marriage is important to you? If so, share your experience below. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.


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